What are constructors and how

What are constructors and how they help our kids.
What are constructors and how they help our kids.

About designers, yet tell, in General and briefly, each of them individually, yet will not paint, it’ll take a little

The theme designer is important detail! When buying games set our child it is important to consider than our child
more enjoys and what he likes! This may be a police station, a set of pirates, military police (these series
active LEGO and develops a series of “Bauer”), fire rescuers, Mega blox, spiral set “Python”, castle, forge,
Lunapark, railway and many other species.

The main thing is to pick the right size for our toddler age to avoid dangerous occasions during the game.

For many years in all countries any designer is considered to be entertaining and educational game, because it develops imagination,
spatial and abstract thinking, fine motor skills, diligence, attentiveness, patience, persistence and
creativity of our child.

With the help of our designers, the child learns to think outside the box, which is important in our lives, to be more independent
and responsible, for creating something new and original, and with the help of his parents, he gets double pleasures from
build a set designer, since it receives a huge amount of attention and feels supported.
As we all know, our joint pastime parents and children properly affects the mentality and psyche of our

On the topic of designers was conducted a lot of interviews with buyers in the children’s stores,
68% believe that any constructor is useful for our children.
12% is that not every useful constructor — this is one of those designers that don’t need to think about where everything is already made
for you, and you just have to insert the details (Yes, they exist — do not be surprised).
But you must admit, the parts also need to insert, because instead of a car can get and the plane with non-standard
the approach…

Always remember that some children sometimes appears early the box thinking, and in various
designers are uniquely beneficial to us.
So often spoil their kids like designers and engage with them, build castles, Lunapark,
police stations or big cities, all this will only benefit!
Wooden blocks, construction sets made of metal, puzzles, mosaics, and so, too, is among the most important ways of development of the child!

But and cons of sets are also there, however minor: the more detail, the more box. But there is a solution
— the box can be discarded, and items to put in something special basket and hide under the bed.

Oh yeah, I forgot to write about the remaining 20% of buyers, they said that any constructor is useful, but added that in addition to
its use it needs to be safe for the baby!
But here the choice is yours, I note that among Chinese models are already rarely come across poor quality product. Level
production has risen considerably in recent years, the quality of toys from China is constantly growing.
And check products for import to Russia is not only “on paper”. Control over children’s toys in Russia
put on a high level.
But of course, it is better to trust well-known manufacturers with well established quality control system (ISO), current
in Europe.